Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekly Letter December 20th

Oi Familia! Tudo bem?
Today marks 1 month of me being in the MTC! This mission is just flying by. It honestly feels like I got here last week, but I know how to navigate the MTC.
Speaking of navigating the MTC, I was able to help host the new missionaries that came in on wednesday. I was kinda nervous just because I wasn't 100% sure where everything in the MTC was, but it turned out awesome. The best part was just making the missionaries feel good about themselves. A couple were going to west campus, so I told them I have a brother teaching there and that they were gonna love it. Definitely went better than anticipated.
Like usual, the week was filled with ups and downs. This week we were able to teach the law of chastity & eternal marriage to an investigator who needed to hear both. It was an incredible lesson, and the spirit was testifying the whole time. Later on though, we asked if he would be baptized but he said he was still living with his girlfriend, so it killed us! That was discouraging, but we learned that we can improve. You know that quote in Batman that says "Why do we fall, Bruce?" And he responds "So we can learn to pick ourselves back up." That's exactly what I'm learning to do right now. Sometimes, to get to a high point, you're gonna have to experience a major low. Glad I'm learning this when I'm in the MTC than in the field.

I had a heart to heart interview with one of my teachers, Irmao Barlow, and it was truly uplifting. He told me that at first, he was worried because Elder Schuman and I were at a severe disadvantage due to our lack of spanish/portuguese (below ground zero is what he said). But he told us that he is so impressed with how far we've come in that. He said some other things which were great to hear, but I won't write them here. Truly an awesome teacher.
I gotta go, but the next time I'll be writing you will be this wednesday, which is christmas! Thank you all for the great letters and packages you were able to send. I love you all so much!
Eu se muerte poco portuguese, mas eu amor isso evangelho. O espirito santo e o verdade professor, nao meu.
Com Amor,
Elder Stallings
your letter you sent on wednesday was so good. Thank you so much for your constant ecouragement.
Elder Schuman recieved a christmas package, and in it was a stocking with my name on it! I haven't opened any of the presents, but It was just kind of sweet how that worked out. I have a picture I'll send to you later today.

I've been so tired lately! How did you get over being tired? i see missionaries taking naps but I don't think that's okay. They say they can because the temple's closed, but I don't want to start taking naps.
The lotion is working so well. Thank you!
Didn't get a chance to see evan this week, but he came into my classroom when I was eating dinner and delivered an envelope from the millers. Kinda nice to know he was there.
I love you so much dad! I'll email you wednesday!
Trying to keep life in balance

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