Monday, January 27, 2014

Muito Boa Semana! (Very Good Week)

Oi Familia!

Before I go into the actual letter, I need to thank Grandma for sending me the wonderful box of cookies as well as the letters. Thank you so much! They were gone in a matter of hours. I also received the care package from home, so thank you mom and dad. It was actually pretty funny. Elder Young and I were walking down the street a couple blocks from our apartment, and we saw the UPS guy. Actually, he saw us and shouted to us and asked if were lived in apartment 11. He said he had a package for us that wasn't addressed to 11, but since it said Elder on it, he figured it was for us. So he said he would get it from the office or where ever they kept it and give it to us the next day. Pretty awesome UPS driver!

Well this week was very good! We surpassed our record of 50 lessons from last week and got 61! Remember, a lesson is a principle or doctrine, a commitment, and prayer. We had plenty that we didn't count as lessons because we didn't feel like they were listening at all or we forgot to get one of those things in there. Elder Young is getting pretty accurate on his translations now, which is very helpful and cool to watch. You could tell when the spirit would work because sometimes I would say something that I normally wouldn't say, and then some how he would also translate it into English. Very cool to see that happen. Right now we are very focused on finding and seed planting. All we can do right now since we don't have a pluthera of prospering investigators is to be as productive as we can in planting seeds. The Lord is helping is out so much with this! It's such a great work to be doing, especially with a hard working companion such as Elder Young.

The Lord continues to bless! We found 3 more portuguese speaking people this week, and one even invited us to come back to their house to "practice portuguese". She says she won't be converted though. Challenge accepted.
Although the portuguese speakers are limited, there are tons of spanish speakers. I communicate with them as much as I can, and a lot of them are more willing to listen about Jesus Christ than a lot of Americans. It's funny because I'll often go up to someone and ask, in Portuguese if they can understand Portuguese, to which they respond [in spanish] "no I only speak spanish." but then I say [in portuguese] "But you just understood that!" and then they laugh and then I say "And you also understood that! Que isso?!" That opens them up and that's been a good way to talk with them. Elder Young trys as hard as he can to speak Spanish and contribute, and he's always dead on with what he says, as simple as it is.

Well I'll send some pictures right after this from my camera. There are some really good ones that I think you'll enjoy! Things have been so great and fun here. Desfruto sentiendo o espirito sempre dia! Thank you for your prayers and for all of the great letters. I love you all so much!
-com amor,
Elder Stallings

Yum, Cereal.  

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