Sunday, January 5, 2014

This one came right before the hand written letter, sorry out of order.

Oi Familia!
Christmas was great! We got to hear from Elder Bednar, and that was so awesome. He passed out 200 cell phones to the audience and gave us a number to text questions to him. So it was a giant Q&A and it was very uplifting.
Okay so thursday I wasn't feeling 100% physically. I was getting the chills and had a headache. There is some kind of virus going around and I of course got it. As I type this, I am drugged up on  a couple different kinds of drugs, and I feel extrememly loopy. My brain really isn't processing that much, so if this letter seems a bit off thats whats going on. I'm going to be taking it extremely easy for the next couple days. I hate feeling sick! I can't focus on anything and it just doesnt feel good. Please keep me in your prayers.
Last sunday I was called up to give a talk (in portuguese) and I was told it was good. I spoke about the gift of the holy ghost. An elder and a sister in my district who are both fluent in spanish said my portuguese was really good, seeing as I had no back round in Spanish or any other types of languages. That made me feel good, and I knew the Lord was helping me with the whole thing.
There has been a lot of confusion lately about when we are supposed to leave/get our reassignments. Since we came a week early, we weren't sure if our schedules had accounted for that or not. It says we are supposed to leave Jan 6, but then some rumors started spreading about us actually leaving Dec 31, since we came a week early. We were all very excited to get out of the MTC and into the field, but we just learned that we will be staying until Jan 6. I guess I could always use some more MTC training time, but I am very excited to be out in the field. Still praying that my visa will come in. I don't want to lose the little portuguese I have learned. At this point, I am so out of it that I don't really care when I get my reassignment/leave the mtc. Haha all of the elders in my district are complaining about staying, but I'm more focused on living at the moment.
Well that's it for now! I'll be on my email a little bit later because I have more time. I love you all! Thank you for your many prayers. I know I can't do this without the Lord and his help.
Elder Stallings
I haven't recieved any of your dear elders yet. The system might be a bit behind because of christmas. I get a confirmation in my email that you send them, but i usually wait to read them until I actually get them. I will reply when I get them though!
Evan sent me a letter about christmas, sounds like it was good for all of you! His letter made me a bit home sick, and I read about all of the fun things you all were able to do. Definitely didn't feel like christmas at all. Just a 'special' day in the MTC. Sorry I'm really out of it right now, and can't think. I'll be on my email later so maybe if I'm actually thinking i'll be able to send you a decent letter. Thanks for your love, dad. 
Elder Stallings

Pictures Connor sent from Christmas!

Elder Schuman got his visa!! Heading to Curitiba next week.

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