Oi Familia!

Wow, Elder Young and I just ran like 6 miles to get to the church. We were getting our haircut at a salon that a lady in our ward works at and gives us free haircuts. Since we don't have a car, we just decided to run to the church from there and that was a crazy run. Feels good though!

Can't believe another week has already gone by! This week was a little bit different. For some reason, we had something planned every day this week in the morning that would throw our morning routine of studying off, but we were still quite productive. We got 44 lessons this week, and even though it's less than last week, we feel good about that. A couple of those lessons from last week have turned into investigators, so we're seeing some of our work pay off. 

The weather has definitely gotten colder. Not Minnesota cold, but it's to the point where there aren't too many people on the streets at night anymore. That's pretty dissapointing because we look forward to those moments to find people on the streets to talk to. 

But this week was a huge testimony and reminder that the Lord always has a plan. After a 2 appointments in a row fell through one night, we had a prompting to talk to a recent convert, Theresa, who apparently had a couple referrals for us. We stopped by, and had a nice talk with her and got the referrals. Nothing too special, but we also had to opportunity to see her son. He's in his 20's, and was very nice and polite. We went home and didn't think too much about it, thinking we had kind of wasted our night. 

Last night, as Elder Young and I were walking to our dinner appointment, we were walking across a huge parking lot where we saw a small group of people. Naturally, we headed their direction to try to talk with them. As we got closer, I saw one of the guys and recognized his face. I couldn't pin point who it was, but as we got closer, I saw his lips were purple, his facial expressions and mannerisms were off, and something was definitely wrong. We started talking to the group of people, who were also apparently trying to figure out what was wrong with this guy. He had been standing in the parking lot for the past 2 hours and they were trying to figure out what to do. They were all drunk, so it wasn't a huge help to have all of them around. Then I realized the guy was Theresa's son, and they were saying he was on some sort of drug, probably meth. 

Elder Young and I knew we had to do something, but really weren't sure at all what to do. The drunk group of people were blabbering about something, and the whole time I was thinking about what to do. I remember telling Elder Young we should maybe call someone, but I didn't know who because we didn't have Theresa's number. Next thing I know, Elder Young is on the phone with someone. He got off and said the sister missionaries were coming. I was kind of confused, but I figured something would work out. The sisters arrived, who called Theresa, and were able to comfort him. 

Somehow, everything got fixed and he was able to go home. As Elder Young and I were walking away, I asked him what made him decide to call the sisters. He said that he thought I told him to, but I didn't think I did. I thought about it a little more and a talk by Elder Bednar came into my mind, about being guided by the spirit. He was saying that if you're worried about being guided by the spirit, don't be. If you're doing the right thing, the spirit will ensure that you or others are taken care of. He shared an experience similar to the one I had. 

Whether I said that or whether elder young just called the sisters, I was comforted to know that the spirit was able to play a role in this. I was trying to have an experience all week that would tell me that I could be guided by the spirit, and this was the one. I know that having the holy ghost with you on a mission is key. I'm so grateful for our Father in heaven, who looks out for us. I am seeing small miracles every day, and I am so grateful to be out here serving the Lord. Thank you for all of your love and support!! I love you all!
-Elder Stallings