Wednesday, February 26, 2014


New  Address:
Elder Connor Stallings
Missão Brasil Curitiba Sul
Recanto Joseph Smith, 15
Curitiba, PR 

Oi Familia!! 

Estou no brasil!!! This is literally the craziest thing in the world. Im lost only about 100% of the time, but things are still great! I´m currently in Sao Jose Das Pinhais, in an area called Sao Marcos.

I have an outstanding companion, Elder Dallastra who is a Brasilado. He speaks a little bit of english, but we´re really only speaking portuguese together. Whatever language they taught me in the MTC wasn´t portuguese, because I have no idea what is happening here haha. I am noticing small improvements with my language though. Anyway, Elder Dallastra is also 20 and very awesome. Obedient and funny, which are both things i need. He told me yesterday that he thinks i´m already better than his last companion, who was a brasilado. I dont know about that, but it´s nice to know that we are looking some what positive here.

I was lucky to be with some other missionaries who were also going to Curitiba, so together we were able to figure out how to navigate the airport. All my bags came through and everything worked out!

 I ran into Sister Parco!! SUPER AWESOME! (Alyssa Parco is from Farmington, MN)
 My mission president, President Fernandes, is incredible. I think. He seems to be very inspired and very friendly as well. The missionaries here love him. I just can´t understand him (or anyone) so I guess I will update you on that later.

Our house is GHETTO. We might as well be in a tent, this thing is crazy old and bad haha. We are going to be moving soon though I think, so things should be okay. I honestly think it´s kind of fun to be living in this thing. Neighborhood is pretty friendly Its all good though! No worries at all.

Brazil is just crazy in general. We take the bus a lot, and that´s an adventure. Dogs are everywhere! All of the sinks only have 1 knob. The houses these people live in are unbelievable. Tiny little things with laundry hanging everywhere. Clapping instead of knocking is also a bit weird.

 I was pretty frustrated with things for a couple days because of the language. Here I am with an awesome companion and a good area, and I can´t do much. But being here is making me trust and listen to the spirit harder than ever before. There was a moment during a lesson where I had the impression to say a certain phrase, but I had no idea how to say it. Right when I recognized that, I heard Elder Dallastra say what I was thinking to the investigator. That was a cool experience, because it let me know that I was listening to the spirit, even if it´s in portuguese. This mission is 100% different than Reno. It´s like everything from this point backwards was practice, and I have a whole new challenge ahead of me. Once I get this language down, I´m hoping I won't be as frustrated. Please continue to keep me in your prayers! This is not easy at all, but I love this so much. I love you all and hope things warm up in MN. The weather is incredibly nice here. 
Elder Stallings

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