Oiii Familia!

First off, happy birthday Mom!! I think Friday was one of the toughest, most stressful but most successful days here in Brazil for me. Friday I was on splits, except I was in charge of our area during the splits. (Just a quick reminder that I ´m in brazil and know nothing). I was with another Americano, Elder McGuill. I was so stressed and nervous that I wasn ´t going to know what to do  or where to go. The day was filled with lots of learning and lots of praying. I think I only got us lost 2 or 3 times during that day. One of the times, we were really lost. We were walking on this one road for like  15 minutes and just couldnt find this house. I said a quick prayer in my head, asking Heavenly Father to help in any way.   Immediately after, I had the impression to check my planner. Thinking that maybe a map would appear or I would remember where we were, I looked in my planner and saw the address of the house we were supposed to be going to, and it was on a completely different street. Once I learned this, we were able to easily navigate to the house and teach a lesson. What I learned from this is that  the Lord WILL help you with your problems. 100%. But you have to do your part, and if that means admitting you were wrong or having to ``check your planner´´, the Lord helps those that confess his hand in all things. Friday ended up being very good for me. I know this area a little better, and | was able to s peak alot of portuguese. 

The weather here is so nice! A lot of people have been asking how I ´ve  been eating, and the answer to that is we´ve definitely been eating. We have lunch with members pretty much every day, so that´s always really good. The food is generally okay. I was handed a fork this week with bits of food and a giant hair on it. I had a light lunch that day.  But either rice or beans or both. Every day. Thank goodness I like these things. Hot dogs are incredible here. Same with pizza. Oh. Pizza. 

Health Update: My feet are doing much better. I´m using sun screen every day. Shoes are still in tact.   


Mentally, this mission is crazy. Phyiscally, this mission is crazy. Spiritually, this mission is incredible. Portuguese is coming with time. I can sort of understand people now.  Thank you for all of your prayers! They´re helping so much. I love this and I love you all so much.
Elder Stallings