Sunday, March 16, 2014

Amo Voces (Love you guys!) Week of 3/10/14

Hi all, 
Sorry I am late in posting the weekly letter and pics.  It looks like the rainy season is in full force! Thanks for keeping Connor in your thoughts, prayers, and letters.  

Oi Familia!!

Another week is passed in this wonderful mission. This week was pretty good over all. I got to go on splits twice, both of the times were good and filled with growth. Its hard to belive in a week ill have been on my mission for 4 months! holy cow. 

That's a butterfuly on his finger!!

Portuguese is still a major frusteration. I´m slowly getting better at understanding what people are saying, but this language goes so fast that i can never think of what I want to say before we´re talking about something completely different. Every time i talk, the people usually laugh and say something in portuguese i cant understand. That´s always really frusterating, because I feel like no one is taking me seriously, when I´m literally taking every word they say to heart. I´m really trying to stay positive, and found that when I find strengths from my weaknesses, it helps a lot. Ether 12:27 says it all. This mission, both here and in Reno, has shown me so many of my weaknesses. But it´s through these moments that I´ve called upon the Lord to help, and these times have drawn me nearer to the Lord. 

So brasil has incredible pizza. If there are any brasilado pizzaria´s in MN, i highly reccomend that you try it. it´ll probably be expensive, and maybe even completely different. But the pizza here is sooo good. I think I sent a picture of our pizza. Tender mercies of the Lord. 

I didn´t make as many contacts this week as I wanted, so this week I have a goal of really shooting past my goal. 

That´s awesome that Justin Larsen returned home!! I seriously thought he had only been out for 9 or 10 months, but wow that went by fast. Good for him! 

Elder Dallastra is sort of sick today. He wasn´t feeling good last night, so today will be a lot of rest for him. It will be a lot of language study for me. Thank you for you thoughts and prayers. I love you all so much!!
elder stallings

Wet feet--ewww

Will it ever stop??
From another angle

President and Sister Fernandes

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