Monday, March 3, 2014

Segunda semana no brasil! (Google translated: Second week in Brazil!)

Well, it´s the 2nd week here in brazil and things are still 100% crazy. Although things are crazy, I really do like it here in brazil. This language is killing me. Im seeing some small improvements here and there, but over all its still very difficult for me to understand and speak portuguese. I need to have the spirit with me all the time here, because without it, i literally cannot do anything. Obedience is so key! Im trying to work on being as obedient as possible. Elder Young was the perfect example of obidence, and set me up with some good habits and things i needed to have in brazil. 

Our contacts and lessons have improved in numbers and quality this past week. We made some very good contacts on the street, and have some great investigators. Friday was a very good day. Elder Dallastra and I fasted, and had some incredible success. It was good for me too, because I saw that even without food and water, I could be a good missionary.  A cool moment was when we went to all of our planned investigators houses, and none of them were home. NONE. So we were just kind of standing in the road, not knowing what to do. I suggested we say a prayer, and the moment I said ´´Dear Heavenly Father´´, the door of one of the houses we had tryed to contact opened up, and the investigator came out and talked with us. Small moments like this remind me that the lord is watching us, and listening always. 

I had the opportunity to share my testimony in church yesterday. im pretty sure no one understood what i was saying, but I did. It was a good experience to show the ward that I want to work and serve the lord, despite this language. I know the Lord has helped me this far, and will continue to help. D&C 64:33-34 were revealed to me last night as I asked the Lord what he wanted me to know. Im so grateful for the love the lord has for us! 

On a side note, we´re moving! we found a new house, and move tomorrow. it´s way nicer than our tent, and i´m pretty excited. Does everyone have their moving buddy?

i love you all so much! thank you for your prayers! The lord is answering them, and giving me sufficient help. may the lord continue to bless both you and I!
-elder stallings

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