Oi Familia!
Tranfers were yesterday, and I have the privilage of staying here in São Marcos with elder dallastra. Im very determained to make this transfer 100% better than the last one. Not saying the last one was bad, just that now that I´m officially done with training, I really want to work this area. I really dont know that much still, but I feel like I can get by. 

We had a baptism on saturday! Adriely was baptized by Elder Dallastra, and her brother Geoandrew, who is also a recent convert, confirmed her a member yesterday. She had been an investigator for 4+ months, and so it was a big deal that she finally commited. She´s only 13, but she and her family are going to be so great. Very excited and happy for her!

This week was over all good. We were able to find some incrediblely prepared investigators through the spirit, and we will be working very hard this week to work them towards baptism. A really cool experience happened this week. Thursday, Elder Dallastra and I were walking back from dinner. It was about 7:30, dark, and there really werent too many people in the street. The people we had written down for 7:00-8:00 didnt feel right to visit, so I was trying to think of what we should do. I had the thought ``Look for any open doors´´ but immediatly thought that was a crazy thought because of the hour. We continued to walk, and after nothing happened, we decided to say a prayer. Elder Dallastra prayed that we would be able to find a person to teach at this hour, and that it would be very clear that they were the one we needed to talk with now. After the prayer, we waited a little bit, but nothing happened. I then had the thought that we just needed to try. I conveyed this to elder dallastra, and he said he´d follow me. I chose the 1st house I saw and clapped my hands. (In brazil, you clap instead of knocking on doors. strange, huh?) As I was clapping, i glanced at the door. It was open just a crack, but still open. A man answered the door and we immediatly knew that he was the one we needed to talk to. He had read a lot of the book of mormon, and his dad was attending church in a different city. He invited us in and we were able to teach a short lesson with him! It was an incredible experience to see the Lord honor our faith and give us a person to teach. Faith is so dang important. The Lord expects us to serve, and we expect Him to help. He ALWAYS does his part. We just have to do ours. 

Health Update: ive definitely lost weight. My pants seem a bit big, and one of my belts doesnt really do much to help. Other than that, things are just fine health wise.

Other things: Weather is still great. Pizza is still incredible. The people on motorcycles here are crazy. São Marcos doesnt really have police, so things are a little wild sometimes, but not too bad. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers. I know this is truly the work of the Lord, and im so grateful to be a part of it! 
Elder Stallings