Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Good Week ( received April 7)

Oi familia! 

We were able to have another successful and effective week. Confrence was great!..I think. It was different watching it in Portuguese, and I really wasnt able to understand everything which was kind of a bummer. But we were able to watch it with one of our investigators who is GOLDEN. He´s 17, and we´re shooting for the 16th of April for his baptism. He is very prepared, and even talked about serving a mission. I remember before my mission, I wasnt ever too fond of conference. But watching him and his excitment as he tried to guess which apostle was speaking and just his energy in general made me really excited too. I definitely learned a lesson about apreciation and confrence from our investigator. If you aren´t learning something from everything possible, you´re doing something wrong as a missionary.

I continue to try to grow in my Portuguese. Its always odd when I have days when I understand almost everything, but have nothing to say. Or Ill have thoughts and things I want to say, but understanding is difficult. Rarely do I have days that both of those things work together. But I know that with time, those days will become more common. Honestly I´m not stressed about Portuguese all that much. It will come with time and work. I know that as I do my part, the Lord will do his in helping me with this language. Its something that requires a lot of faith but I know its going to come.

Okay, quick story. So this week E´ Dallastra and I really tried to set good goals for this area. We really want to baptize every week and do all we can to help São Marcos. So we decided to fast. President said we could fast 2 times max a week, so we decided to alternate days to get the most out of our fast. Tuesday, I was fasting. It was a hot day. Like, really hot. Elder Dallastra decided to buy a giant ice cream. Great. But with temptations come blessings, and I decided to not give in. The next day was Elder Dallatras turn to fast. Our last lesson of the night was with an investigator who likes to cook food. Lots of it. And good food too. He made a feast of beef, chicken, rice, salad, ice cream, and donut things for us. Well, E Dallastra was fasting, so i got to enjoy the feast. Well, if you dont think thats enough, the next day was my turn to fast. I shouldve seen this pattern of temptions because thursday night, one of our investigators bought a PIZZA for us. Seriously? Never have I seen an investigator buy a pizza for us. Only when im fasting. Well, I didnt give in. I think we showed the Lord that we really do want to help this area, and I know the Lord is honoring our fast with the amount of prepared investigators we´re finding! Very excited for this up coming week.

Attached are some pictures. A member was having problems with their car stereo, and I helped them fix it!

Thank you so much for your prayers and emails! I love you all so much. This mission is incredible.
Elder Stallings

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