Sunday, April 6, 2014

Desculpe Por Sendo Tarde (Sorry for being late) Week of March 25th

Oi Familia!

Sorry this letter is a day late. We had an incredible zone conference yesterday (where I saw Sister Parco again. Very cool and strange), and our p-day was moved to today. Actually it was originally moved to wednesday, but presidente said we could have it today. Thank goodness! 

First off, thank you so much to Grandma and Ned (and family)! I recieved your letters yesterday and loved them! Grandma, your experience about following the spirit is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing that, as well as sending pictures! Those are all keepers. And Ned, your letter is probably one of the funniest things I´ve read on my mission. A 3 month letter is pretty impressive and hilarious. No block?? Ah. The pictures that were included are also incredible. Thank you so much, family!

This week like usual had its ups and downs. This week I had a pretty bad cold, and that made focusing on listening to the spirit and portuguese very difficult. That was very frusterating to have, and the work didn´t seem to be going anywhere. It seemed as though literally all of our plans were failing and we were left with nothing. But the conference yesterday taught me a couple things. Number 1, motivation. Always be motivated (in any work), and NEVER let yourself become unmotivated. When you lack motivation and excitment, it will hurt your faith, lower your expectations, diminish effectivness, weaken your desire, and you will over all have dificulties following the spirit. STAY MOTIVATED! We never need feel alone or discouraged when we are doing the service of the Lord, because WE NEVER ARE. The Lord has promised he will not forsake us. Sometimes I forget how great this work is, and how close to the Lord missionaries are. I realized a lot of things Elder Dallastra and I could improve on, and I believe after these improvments take place, the Lord will honor our efforts. This week we are going to finish this transfer with strength and faith. We have 2 baptisms scheduled for Saturday that I´m praying will work out.

Other news: Elder Dallastra has confirmed that I talk in Portuguese in my sleep. How weird is that?? He asked if my dreams were in portuguese, and I honestly have no idea. I think they are. Maybe I don´t understand what anyone is saying in my dreams. I asked if his dreams were in Portuguese yet, and congratulated him on the accomplishment. 
Also, Elder Dallastra is learning English. He wants to learn it because he wants to go to BYU after the mission. Language study has changed from just me struggling to both of us, and I think that´s a good thing. But the funny thing is, I´ve tryed speaking English with him a couple times, and I couldnt finish a sentence without using 2 or 3 portuguese words on accident. I can´t speak English, but I also cant speak portuguese. Great. Dragons. 

Family and friends, thank you so much for all that you do. I am so grateful to be here in brazil serving the Lord. This is truly his work. I love you and I love this!
Com Amor,
Elder Stallings

Elder Dallastra and Elder Owl

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