Sunday, June 22, 2014

COPA Do MUNDO (Letter from June 16th)

Oi Família! 

Holy cow! How has it been another week?? A bunch of stuff happened since the last time I talked with you all. Transfers were today, and I left my beloved neighborhood of São Marcos. I was moved to basically the downtown of São José dos Pinhais. This area is HUGE. I have no idea where I am or where to go. If thats not stressful enough, I was made district leader too! (I thought I had to do a transfer of being senior first) I have 5 sets of missionaries to care for now, 2 of the sets being sisters. I´m trying to keep it cool, but man things got stressful real fast! Really, my only desire is to help people. But its hard to have this mind set when I myself need help! There are so many other Elders who I think would be great District leaders. A bunch of the elders in my district have more time on the mission than me.  I know this time is going to help me grow and aquire attributes I need for the mission and for life, but it happened so fast! I had no warning of this. Right now, I´m stressed!

So the World Cup is happening right now. Some of the games are being played here in Curitiba, so thats fun. During games that are being held in Curitiba, we have to stay in our house. We stayed in our house thursday, and that was tough. I really dont want to stay in the house, but at the same time people are lighting small bombs in the street and going crazy. I´ll keep you updated on what else they do here.

This letter is short and doesnt have too many experiences of the week, but I´m short on time today. Thank you all so much for your wonderful letters and prayers. I definitely need everything I can get right now! 
I love you all so much!
-Elder Stallings

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