Sunday, June 22, 2014

Esta semana foi difícil de novo! (May 26th)

Oi Família!

How has it already been another week? I have no idea how the heck the time is going by so fast, but it is! This week I passed 6 months on the mission. It really made me think how much I need to grow and how little time I have left here on the mission. 6 months! tal loco! 

This week was a week of rain and cold, which made the work pretty difficult. We left our house for church yesterday, and it was raining. We returned home 9:30pm and it was still raining. My umbrella is absolute garbage! Haha it´s broken on one side, so it only works as half an umbrella some times. But sometimes Ill ``fix´´ it, and it´ll work for about 10 minutes. A funny story about my umbrella: Friday night we were teaching an awesome investigator. I set my umbrella next to his front gate and we entered into the house to teach. When we finished the lesson, I saw that someone had the courtesy to place my umbrella in our investigators garbage can.
I´m glad others are noticing how amazing my umbrella is.

This week had a lot of reasons to be hard. Thursday, I was taking a shower. I had shampoo in my hair and was about ready to rinse when the water shut off. There was only a slight stream of drips coming from the shower, so I used those to finish my shower. I checked our sinks, and they werent working either. We figured that in 30 minutes or an hour our water would be back up and running, but it wasnt. Well it turns out that they cut our water because the water bill had not been paid. We had to call the secretary of the mission and sort things out with them. It wasnt until saturday night that we got our water back. 2 days without showering or having a bathroom to use. (We had to use the grocery store .5 mile from our house for bathroom). The ironic part was during this whole time, it was raining. So we had water outside, but not inside. That was definitley something I wont ever take for granted again! Water!

I´m really not sure how, but during this week of many difficulties and trials, we were able to pull through with some awesome numbers. But i´m really not concerned about numbers. We need to baptize! We have 1 person right now marked with a baptismal date, and I´m extremely grateful for that. After my letter that I wrote last week about Elder Holland and the atonement in missionary work, I was thinking that this is exactly what our investigators need. I´ve been studying a lot this week about the atonement and Christ, and how we can apply this with all of our investigators. If they can come to an understanding of how much our Savior loves them, they will know that this is right. But that´s the trick, isnt it? People, unless they want to understand, have problems understanding this. This is where desire comes into play. There are so many things that need to happen that we, missionaries, cannot control. Sometimes you just have to do all you can, and when nothing seems to be happening, thank the Lord for the opportunity you had to serve him, because you know that it is His work you´re doing. Nothing is easy in this work, but it never was and never will be!

Thanks for the love and prayers! I love this so much!
-Elder Stallings

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