Sunday, June 22, 2014

Os bênçãos (Letter from June 2nd)

Oi família!
Tudo bem com vocês? First off, its definitely cold here! Our house is pretty much a giant refrigerator. It doesnt have proper insulation or anything, and so that results in us having an extremely humid and cold house to live in. Nothing like ending the day in a slightly damp and freezing cold bed! No really, its great after about 10 minutes. My body absorbs so much water that seriously I dont remember the last time I took a drink of water in our house. The humidity is a problem, because my suits are completely moldy now. I only have 1 suit that doesnt have mold, but the pants are ripped in the back. (I ripped my pants; spongebob ref) So I had to do a mix and match kind of deal but its all good. I need to find a way to remove this mold because its ridiculous. I highly doubt São Marcos has a dry cleaner. Só bênçãos do missão!

So we had 4 people marked with a baptismal date. I was super excited, because 4 people would be an awesome number to have this transfer. But wednesday, literally everyone cut us. Its so sad to see these people who you know the gospel will help them turn away from the gospel, just because they want to stay in their church or dont like commitments. We had a guy, 40 years old, divorced and depressed, who wanted a better life for his son cut us on Sunday out of the blue. He sent us a text that he doesnt want to visit anymore. We had incredibly spiritual lessons with him, brought members with strong testemonies with us, and he even cried in the 1st 2 lessons we had with him. And yet he still cut us. This goes to show that, like we are taught, we do not do the converting here. The Lord is the one in charge. He has a plan for everyone. We literally did everything we could! I remember Elder Bednar said that the best missionaries are the ones who get out of the way, and let the Lord do the work. I dont want this letter to sound like I´m complaining, because I really have no reason to do that. Sometimes learning to get out of the way for the Lord can be difficult, because we often times will think that we know better. We know that having 4 baptisms would be perfect. We know that Marcello should be baptized. But we dont. We need to let the Lord do HIS work.

Aside from the struggles of the mission, I do have a great companion, Elder Marcondes. I dont think I´ve laughed so much in a companionship than with him. We even set goals to laugh less, because sometimes we will lose the spirit and have to stop in the road and pray. Although this isnt a great thing, it is something thats helping us both get through these struggles. Having someone who can laugh with you is so key for life.
Its nearly summer for you all! I was told that I recieved a package, but I will find out in an 40 minutes which package I recieved. I will send pictures when i find out! Thank you, thank you all thank you. And thank you all for your kind welcomes. That was from Toy Story. Love you all!
-Elder Stallings

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  1. Connor. I love you. I love your sense of humor. I love the Toy Story Quotes. I love your moldy suits. Well. Not really. But fun story. Man. Glad you have a comp you can laugh alot with. Keep it up! Love ya, Bethany