Saturday, July 5, 2014

So vai! Letter from June 23, 2014

Oi família! 

"Walter" - Connor entitled this "Fixing Good" (as opposed to Breaking Bad)

Gotta admit, this week was pretty long for me! Getting used to the thing here in this new area is pretty tiring. Meeting all the people, knowing the area, lunch appointments falling through, and helping the ward made this week a little long. But   i´m pretty sure this next week will start to speed up. I´m still trying to get to know this area...its huge. Still pretty stressed about helping this district, but i´m definitely learning. 

This week was a bit frusterating. We had P-day Monday (normal) so we didnt start to work until like 6:00pm. Tuesday, Brasil was playing in the world cup, so we stayed inside all day. Thursday I had splits and went to the area of the Zone Leaders. 

Saturday we had to go back to our house early because a group of people were walking down the street shooting at things. Police were going crazy, so I decided it would be best to return to the house a bit early. Sunday was hard too because church starts at 3:00 pm here and goes until 6:00, so by the time we started to work it was like 7:30 pm. I really only had Wednesday, Friday and a chunk of Saturday to do work in this area. On top of that, I started to get sick Friday and completely lost my voice. That makes teaching interesting! But some how we were able to do our goals for the week. This to me is proof that the Lord is here helping.

My ability to rely completely on the Lord is being refined every day. Listening to the Spirit and to the people to gain an understanding of what they need in their lives is another attribute the Lord is helping me with. Im recieving the daily help that I need. I remember Elder Christofferson shared a expereience about this. I never really actually understood the concept of how important only recieving the help you need in the moment really is. Its good to focus on the long term, but often times it will worry us and stress us out. Asking only for the help we need TODAY is what needs to occur. We wont be anticipating the hardships that will occur in the future. 

This letter is short de nova, mas ele não é importante. Muito obrigado por todas as cartas que vocês me enviarem. Amo vocês!
Love you all!
-Elder Stallings  

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