Sunday, August 24, 2014

Encontramos Eleitos - Letter from July 21st

Oi Família!

Great news! Im really sweaty and kind of sunburnt. Why is this great news? Because its ``winter´´ here, and I was expecting the worst. But the days this week have been so awesome. It gets a little chilly during the night, but I carry a light coat with me in my bag during the day to use during the night. Inverno realmente é bem tranquilo mesmo. 

So the work was great this week. Everything you can think of that can happen in missionary work happened this week. Well, maybe not everything. But it was still awesome. Saturday we had something like 8 appointments scheduled for the day. 6 of them fell through, including our lunch appointment, and 1 of them told us they didnt us to visit them again. Great. perfect day. Ha ha days like that are awesome. You just gotta keep going and not get discouraged. The investigators that cut us really did make me sad though. These 2 youth,16 and 12 were progressing like crazy. The one with12 years even recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. But I dont think they fully understood the importance of the message, because if they did they would be all over the chuch ha ha. This is something I´m praying for; for all of our investigators to understand the importance of the message of the Restoration. I can work to improve my teaching abilities and portuguese as much as I want,but if these people dont understand or arent ready to hear it, it´ll be for nothing. this desire that I have is something only the Lord can help with. Through his help and His spirit, I know the people will understand. And if they understand, they will come to the same conclusion that I came to: That Heavenly Father loves them and is always trying to help them. Through this precious knowledge, miracles will happen to the lives of these people. This however can only happen if the people want it. And thats is ultimately the trick of missionary work. Finding people with the desire to feel the Saviors love is literally the sweetest feeling. 

We found a family this past week who are super prepared. I knocked on the door last sunday night, and talked with the husband. He basically told us to come by another day and to leave them alone ha ha. But as I was about to leave, the wife came running down the porch and started talking with us. She asked if we were servants of the Lord, and we replied yes. She told us she knew we were going to visit her, and told us to come in. The husband was mad, and went in his room and didnt leave during the whole visit. The woman told us she was praying friday that she could really find the correct path to take in her life. She told us that she had a dream that 2 men dressed in white visited her, and brought her to a beautiful waterfall. She didnt remember the rest of the dream, but knew that we were an answer to her prayers. We visited her just about every day this week, and she told us she couldnt wait to go to church. She went yesterday and loved it! The best thing is not only is she married, but the husband is now listening to the lessons. Miracles are happeing! We will continue to work with them until all of them are baptized!

I had the opportunity to read 2 nephi 4 this week with an investigator. My heart was opened when I realized how converted to the gospel nephi became. Nephi was always the one to talk about how tall and strong he was. He was always the one to talk about how he was righteous and his brothers werent. Seeing his conversion in this chapter was truly something beautiful to read. To me, this is a true testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. No one can describe the conversion of another person. This is truely something that Nephi wrote from his heart. Great chapter to re-read this week! 

Im so greatful to this opportunity that I have to serve this mission. My conversion to the gospel is deepening every day. I honestly cant give enough back to the Lord for what he has given to me. 
I love you all so much! Thank you for your wonderful letters!
Elder Stallings

2 Nephi 4:31 O Lord, wilt thou redeem my soul? Wilt thou deliver me out of the hands of mine enemies? Wilt thou make me that I may shake at the appearance of sin?