Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vou ficar aqui! Letter from Sept 8 2014

Oi Família!

Transfers happened today, and I will stay here with Elder Maciel in Colônia Rio Grande! I´m super excited, because we have a lot of great investigators who we´re gonna baptize during this transfer! Its incredible how prepared some of these people are. 

Mom note: Typical $5 lunch buffet.  I can't believe this kid keeps losing weight with all the carbs he packs in. 

2 of these people (i´ll use the names John and Mary) are incredible. Elder Maciel were knocking on doors, trying to enter into some of these houses. I saw this apartment, and literally said outloud ``Why not?´´ I went to the front of the apartment and clapped. 2 dogs immediatley started barking and trying to eat me. (Fortunately, there was a gate!) Wayyy at the top window someone poked their head out to talk to me. I was thinking ``Ah great. This is gonna be a tough contact.´´ But I started to talk with her, explaining that we were missionaries. She immediately told me she would let me in. Her and her husband came down to greet us, and let us come in. She explained to us that they recently started to go back to church (a different church) because of the trials that happened in their life. This couple, John and Mary, are legally married and are 27 and 28. She explained that she is a cancer surviver, and through this experience she was brought extrememly close to God. We had an extremely spiritual visit, and this week visited them 3 more times. John read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and felt the spirit testify to him about it. Mary told us she wants to think real well about Joseph Smith, and then she will pray for an answer. I´m so glad I made the decision of ``Why not?!´´ instead of ``no´´. This is how Heavenly Father acts. Through our faith, miracles WILL happen.

Connor with the other elders in his district

It rained a lot this week. Like, a lot. We had 1 day of sun this week. But my health is just fine! My toe had an infection or something, but its all good now! Just really ugly. 

Other note, I cant get enough of these General Confrence talks in the Liahona. Before the mission, I NEVER wanted to read these haha. When I realized that general confrence would be this transfer, I got super excited. This was just one of the MANY things that I realized that the mission changed in me. 

I cant believe how fast this time is going. The mission is a huge blessing. I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support. This is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Elder Stallings

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