Monday, November 17, 2014

Nem sei o que aconteceu com esta semana (Week of Nov 17 2014)

Hey Family!

The week passed by so fast, its kind of a blur trying to remember whats going on. I just remember working really hard and trying to help people go to church this week. We found some incredible people with lots of potential, but didnt choose to go to church. Big let down. We´re definitely going to continue to work with them and get the members involved so that they can feel comfortable about going to church.

Aside from people not choosing to go to church, I wanna note that in 2 more days ill have 1 year on the mission! People, you have no idea how fast this is going. You also have no idea how much of a miracle this is. 1 year ago I was a completely different person than I am now. I guess you could say that the Lord has really showed me this past year the love that he has for me, and for others as well. 

I left to go on a mission confused and a bit scared to be honest. I didnt know what to expect. I didnt really have a testemony. I was lacking a lot of the spiritual strength that I needed. But looking back, Its like it was a whole different life. I dont even know how to describe it, really. Its one of those cliché things that everyone says is hard to describe, but it really is. I guess you could say that with 1 year on the mission, serving the Lord and growing, Ive gained a lot more confidence in general. Ive developed a love for a lot of things and people that I never thought I would have. My mind seems to work better. Without this mission, I´d be pretty lost.

I know this was just a testimony and I know that I´ve said this a million times. But I can´t put into words how grateful I am for this mission, and for the opportunity that was given to me to serve. I cant belive its been 1 year already! I still have a billion things to learn.

Elder Stallings