Friday, March 27, 2015

Semana Bem Boa! Week of Jan 26th

Hey Family!

This week was great! It was stressful, but awesome. Our teaching pool exploded with people to teach and people with baptismal dates. One of the best people we're teaching is a kid who's gonna be 15, Jean. He's reading the book of Mormon every night, wants to be baptized, and went to church yesterday! He wants his step dad to hear about the church, and pretty much his whole family too haha. We were also given a referral to 2 grandchildren of a member who moved into our ward this week. We're really trying to find families and other people to teach, but the Lord is putting all of these people in our path for some reason. 

My companion, Elder Bonetti is way awesome. Really proactive, and he makes me laugh at the dumbest things. He wants to learn english really bad, so we're trying to practice english in the road. One of the reasons he wants to learn english really bad is because this week, we found a guy living here in brazil from England! He has a 3 year old daughter, and his wife is brazillian. She speaks english with a PERFECT english accent, its crazy! They're super open to religion, and have so much potential. The whole lesson was in english (except the prayer for some reason) and it was so weird teaching in english! But we definitely have plans to help them get to know the church a little better with some members who speak english. 
Attached is a picture of me, elder bonetti (right), and my good friend Hyrum (on left). Met him when I was serving in São José Centro, and he called me this week and wanted to go out with us. Awesome guy! He returned from his mission not even a year ago, and is giving us some great ideas. 

Thank you so much for the love and the letters! Got the birthday package!! I didnt open the card yet, but I definitely opened some of the food. 

Love you!!
-Elder Stallings

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